Computer Products Servers: Astor II

Astor II Chassis
Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Astor II chassis designed and validated with the Intel® L440GX+ server boards High reliability, quick, simple integration
Five Ultra2 SCSI hot-swap drive bays, two fans support five 10K RPM hard drives Great complement to RAID redundancy allowing zero data downtime to replace failing hard disk; over 90 GB of capacity
Two internal 1.0" drive bays Mirrored operating system drives on IDE for redundancy up to 36 GB of extra capacity
Extensive International Safety and EMC regulatory approvals (label included)** Speeds time-to-market and lowers development investment expense, meets worldwide Class B EMC requirements
Designed for serviceability Easy access decreases downtime when upgrading or replacing components
300-watt power supply (sustained), Power Factor Correction (PFC) Ample power for full system integration, PFC for increased efficiency
Advanced cooling system: four fans, optimized peripheral bay placement and coordinated air intake and exhaust channels Provides superior cooling required to support full configuration of the latest technology—processors, five 10K RPM drives, memory and add-in cards